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Keep Your Factory Radio

Automotive Concepts - Installed SpeakerDid you know that you can get better sound without having to replace your factory radio? There are tons of options for enhancing your car audio experience without having to remove critical OEM components, and Automotive Concepts can help you find the ideal choices for your specific needs. When you choose to keep your factory radio, you can maintain the features and functionality of your original system while still upgrading and customizing your in-car listening experience. Call now to learn more!

You can keep your integrated dashboard controls. You can keep your information and display screens. You can keep your factory radio deck. But with our innovative installation solutions and the right aftermarket car stereo products, we can still upgrade your vehicle's sound quality. Several of your available options include:

  • Amps
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Digital signal processors
  • And more

From cleaner, clearer sound to increased volume to better bass, we can design an OEM integration system that sets you up with aftermarket components that operate seamlessly with your existing car radio.

OEM Integration Is the Best of Both Worlds

Upgrading your vehicle's sound system shouldn't have to mean losing factory features you use and like! Our OEM integration expertise lets you keep the functionality of your existing factory radio while still improving your listening experience far beyond the basic sound you're currently stuck with. You can keep your factory radio while integrating new speakers, amps, and other equipment to create the premium sound you crave. Automotive Concepts proudly brings you the best of both worlds!

Ready to learn more about how OEM integrations can meet your listening needs without requiring you to replace your factory car stereo? Contact our team for more information and get a free estimate today.