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Why does my Harley Davidson stereo sound so bad?

If you are like most people, you love riding your Harley-Davidson. The power, torque, sound and looks are all part of an experience that is unique. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of your Harley-Davidsons stereo system. Here are Motorcycle Concepts a division of Automotive Concepts we have many of Harley bikers who come to us with one major complaint, It often goes like this: “I was riding yesterday & my stereo was not even playing loud and one of my favorite songs came on, as I was about to turn it up when I realized that wasn’t an option, I was playing it at the highest volume. "I want you NO I NEED YOU TO MAKE MY AUDIO SYSTEM SOUND BAD ASS!!" I need to hear it at 80mph!!!” Since we are motorcycle audio experts & as avid riders we know what is needed to make the stereo play loud & for a long time! We can help, as a premier dealer(s) for HERTZ, AUDISON, DD AUDIO, ARC AUDIO, KENWOOD, ALPINE & PIONEER, we have transformed so many motorcycles into full fledged ROCK CONCERTS on 2 wheels. We know what it takes & have all the product in stock & ready to roll! Stop in & Let’s explore where Harley went wrong and how we can fix it.